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We proudly use Great Lakes Acrylic, and Dentaurum wire!


 Upper or Lower Hawley with Adams Clasps 


 Upper or Lower Hawley with Ball Clasp 


 Upper Hawley Wraparound to Soldered Adams Clasps 


 Tropical, Neon, Marbles and Glitter 

 $10 - 13   


 Primary colors are FREE!

 Upper or Lower Modified Hawley Spring Retainers  

 $90 - 98 

 Resets per Tooth

 (We will include a FREE INVISIBLE, as well as FREE DUPLICATION with all Spring Retainers upon request!

 Flipper with 1 Pontic and Ball Clasps


 Invisible Retainers:

 .035 Essix Ace to move $50  Resets $6

 .040 Essix Plus to hold $52   Pontic $20



 Occlusal Splints:  Flat  $120  With Rise  $130    

 Gelb with Ball Clasps  $110

 Hard /Soft night guard Dual Laminate 3 mm $60  

 Mouth Guard 4 mm $70    

 Bite Block with Ball Clasps $67

 Bite Block with Lingual Bar and 2 Ball Clasps $80


 Soldered Items:

 Habit Appliance $70  

 Lingual Arch  $49 - 52

 Trans Palatal Arch $42 - 44

 Unilateral Space Maintainer $40  Supply Band $13

 Nance $55

 Palatal Expanders:  Hygienic $91

For a full list of prices, please contact Jackie!